Chakra Clearing Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sunday, December 30th 2:00-3:15pm

 Join Katherine Hamer & Nicole Sansone for a Special Holiday Singing Bowl Meditation themed to Restore, Renew and Refresh you for the upcoming New Year!

The ancient Tibetan singing bowls are a quintessential aid to meditation and are also used to help clear tension from our energy fields and balance the chakras – the subtle energy centers that distribute our life force.

During this peaceful unguided meditation the singing bowls will be placed on and around the body infused with warm water and essential oil with the loving intention to bring about deep inner peace, balance and harmony at the cellular level.

Attendees will be gifted a special blend of salts and are encourages to take a bath or soak after to further encourage and assist the energetic release of toxins from the body.

Please arrive 10 minutes early and make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing free of buttons and zippers.

Cost:  $40

Space is Limited! Please sign up at the studio or Contact Nicole before making payment.

Singing Bowl Chakra Meditation


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This class fills fast-Please contact Nicole before you purchase!

Adaptogen Herb Workshop with Tess Pelham

Saturday, January 5th 2:00- 3:15pm

You are your own healer!  Begin the New Year by devoting self care as your primary goal for a sustainable inner and outer journey.

What are adaptogenic herbs?

   Adaptogenic herbs are herbs classified as adaptogens meaning they "adapt" their function based on our system or our body's specific needs.   Some adaptogens act to stimulate the body and enhance mental performance and immune function,  while others help calm the body, improve sleep quality and soothe the adrenal glands which better help us deal with the stressors in our lives.


   Tess will prepare and share a recipe for a tasty and amazing adaptogen candy called a zoom ball.  It is nut butter and honey based with potent adaptogen herbs for vitality and sustained energy created by one of her teachers Rosemary Gladstar.

Bring a notebook and pen!

Suggested Donation $20

Adaptogen Herb Workshop Suggested Donation $20

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop with Judit Duran

Sunday, January 20th 4pm - 5:30

Do you have a hard time saying no?  Find yourself apologizing for no apparent reason?  Are you a people pleaser?  Getting caught up in “what you want to do” versus what you think you “should do?”  Join Judit in finding your voice & learn to access honor, and speak your truth!

   We will explore what keeps us from expressing ourselves honestly and ways to begin feeling safe and free to do so.

Yin Yoga poses, pranayama, and a guided meditation to open the throat chakra followed by a relaxing and renewing sound healing session with the Tibetan singing bowls.


 Judit Duran is a 500-Hour certified yoga teacher, teaching since 2003. She is also a certified Singing Bowl practitioner certified by Atma Buti International Sound Healing & Vibration Institute located in Boulder, Colorado. Judit opens her heart & soul in her classes, taking care of everyone’s individual needs, working mind, body, & spirit as a whole.   

To learn more about Judit, check out her site:

Cost: $30

Yin Yoga Sound Workshop


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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

Yoga Nidra with Akka

Join Akka each Friday in January 5pm-6:15

   Yoga Nidra is a journey to the peace within by unraveling the five koshas The  koshas are a series of energetic sheaths (similar to energy bodies) that encase the physical human form and regulate health, consciousness, awareness and many other things, according to yogic philosophy.

   Through gentle movement, breath-work, and mindfulness, the student becomes aware of the separateness and interconnectedness of the koshas. The practice concludes in a guided deep relaxation in resting savasana, witnessing the koshas: the physical body, pranic energy, perceptual and discerning minds, and the bliss state. As the body rests, the mind remains conscious. Sound vibration balances out this stress reduction technique, leaving one with a sense of peace and wholeness.

This class is start January 4th and continue though January. 

Regular class rates & packages apply.

MBY's Holiday Party!

Friday, December 28th  5pm

The holiday season is a season of traditions and our annual party is one of those traditions. 

It will be held at the Country Suite Bed& Breakfast,  11365 Route 23 Windham NY 12496. Just west of MBY Studio.

Bring a dish to share and if you would like wine or spirits bring your own. Please bring your families, friends and anyone else you find on the way  :o)  Namaste ❅

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