Fridays Nov 16th Class Canceled Due to Weather! Practice on your own in the Snow

Yoga for Every-Body

We welcome ‘every body’ and love to show our students that in the practice of yoga you always start where you are. 

There's no such thing as being “good at yoga.”  Being “good” at yoga postures (asana) is something that doesn't exist.  Remember, yoga is a practice that helps us to deeply explore ourselves while learning to quiet the mind.  Allow yourself to grow with your practice, and just let go!  When you can leave judgment of yourself and others off the mat, the benefits are endless.

We strive to be a place of practice for people of all walks of life, young, mature, limber, or stiff. We believe that yoga is a lifestyle which helps us learn to live happy, healthful lives by connecting with the best version of ourselves.  Our goal is to condition the body so we can clear the mind and find peace in all areas of life on and off the mat.

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Feel free to to contact Nicole with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our classes, workshops or private instruction. 

Mountain Breeze Yoga

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